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Computer Repair

PC Repair and Computer Maintenance

PC tune up service combines mechanical and technical skills to stay your laptop during a smart operating state. Fix69 use a team of extremely skillful professionals having years of experience in laptop maintenance and computer repair to optimize your system speed and create it work quicker than ne'er before. Our technicians ar capable of quickly performing basic laptop troubleshooting steps, such as

  • Check plug-in issues
  • Ensure applications are running slowly
  • Fix frozen/stuck application
  • Perform disk defragmentation to optimize Windows drivers
  • Resolve rebooting issues
  • Check if mouse & keyboard is not working properly
  • Computer screen is blank
  • Fix frequent pop-up ads appearing on your desktop
  • Virus scans for malware/adware/spyware/viruses
  • Backup critical data
  • Install driver/software updates

By availing our superior remote tech services, you can resolve all your computer problems in no time at highly affordable prices.

Have a look on Our Scope of computer support services

  • Free basic PC diagnostics and computer repair services
  • Installation & un-installation of various software applications
  • Online PC repair and fixation of operating system issues
  • Set-up & installation of hardware drivers for fast system performance
  • Windows PC repair along with customized system settings
  • Removal of nasty computer viruses through regular system scans
  • PC repair software to recover/ repair corrupted and missing files
  • Computer troubleshooting for slow computer/laptop speed
  • Installation & configuration of other connected devices
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Why Fix69?

Our technocrats are committed at serving to you promptly fix problems associated with laptop and alternative connected devices in minutes. Our laptop troubleshooters will diligently establish technical snags hampering your desktop performance.

Call Fix69 for a quick PC repair and computer maintenance right from the comfort of your home and office.